Frequently Asked Questions

What is
Jobtara is a micro-sourcing portal that allows Employers to post jobs/assignments that are of shorter duration in nature.  This provides an opportunity for Jobseekers who are looking for flexible jobs that suit their convenience. 

How it works?
Jobseekers register and post their profile along with their preferred working hours.  Employers post their Jobs/Assignments based on their need and requirements.  Jobtara matches the specialization requested by the Employer with that of the Jobseeker and notifies the Employer to select suitable Jobseeker to carry out their Jobs.

The Jobseeker can also search for Jobs/Assignments through the ‘Search Jobs’ option and look for Jobs that suit their Skills, expertise and convenience.  Similarly, the Employers may also browse through the Profiles of Jobseekers through the ‘Search Jobseekers’ option and look for profiles that suit their requirements.

How does it benefit Jobseekers?
There are millions of people with experience and skill at home and are looking for Jobs/Assignments for few hours a day/week whenever they want.  If you are one among of them, Jobtara is your perfect solution. 

The biggest benefit for the Jobseeker is to find a suitable Job/assignment of their choice that can be done at their convenience.

How does it benefit Companies?
There are several companies, especially Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who need people to carryout small Jobs/Assignments on a regular basis.  At present, they try to source such talent through their Staff or known people.  Normally such requirements are task specific and requires few hours/days of work.  Jobtara is the perfect platform for micro-sourcing such requirements. 

In addition to this, Jobtara also provides scalability options to companies.  Companies who have a particular assignment to be carried out quickly can micro-source several Jobseekers at the same time, distribute the work and finish it in quick turnaround time.

Jobtara provides a wide range of Profiles with experience for the Companies to chose from, instead of relying on their known sources.  This allows the company to get people with appropriate skillset and experience to carry out their Jobs/Assignments and a cost-effective manner.

What kind of Jobs can be found in Jobtara?
Jobs of all nature can be found in Jobtara.  The Jobs are market driven and purely based on the requirements of the Companies.  Jobtara makes every effort to cover a wide range of companies across various Industry Segments.