About Jobtara

JobTara.com is web-based MICRO-SOURCING solution targeting Employers who require contingent and flexible workforce for specific tasks and requirements. There are millions of skilled and experienced work forces, who are at home; either retired or unable to go for regular employment due to their family commitments. A few hours of work at their convenience would be an ideal solution for them. JobTara.com connects the Employers who require personnel to complete a certain assignment, whenever they require and Jobseekers who want to work at their own convenience.

JobTara.com aims at providing the Employer smart micro-sourcing opportunities with full flexibility. For the Jobseeker, JobTara.com gives a platform to work with great convenience.

JobTara.com is a website designed and developed by EASYBIZ CONCEPTS AND TECHNOLOGIES.  The Company is engaged in the business of developing and marketing various web-based solutions.