Frequently Asked Questions | Employer

Who can Sign up as Employer?
Any Company who is looking for someone for few hours a day/week to work on their assignment can Sign up with Jobtara. Generally, the Jobseekers are more from Retired People, Students, Job-Shifters who have free time in-between Jobs and Women at home.

Is there any fee to Sign up as Employer?
Initially, the registration will be free for Employer for a period of 6 months. The Subscription from there are will be notified to all the registered Employers. Jobtara might revise the subscription fees from time to time. Jobtara always looks at ways to make it very cost effective for Employers. The Subscription charges will also be displayed in the Sing Up Screen.

What are the details required to Sign up as a Employer?
Your basic information like Name of the Company, Type of Company, Industry, Nature of Business, Address, Email ID, and Mobile Number are required to Sign up as Employer. The rest of your information regarding the Contact Person Details and your Job Seeker requirements can be updated after the registration is completed.

How do I know if I am registered?
Once the basic information is filled in the Signup screen, an authentication email will be sent to the email ID provided by you. The email will have a link to be clicked by you to authenticate your email ID. Once this is done, your registration is complete.

I am unable to login into Jobtara as I do not remember my Password? What should I do?
No problem. You can click the Forgot my Password in the Login Screen. A new window will open for you to reconfirm your Primary Email ID. The new password will be sent to your Primary Email ID.

Will I be able to change my Primary Email ID entered during the Signup Process?
No, you will be not be able to change your Primary Email ID given during the Signup Process. If the Contact Persons have changed, you modify their details after logging in to Jobtara.

Will I be able to update my Profile details later after completing the Registration Process?
Yes. You can complete updating your Profile anytime as per your convenience after completing the Registration Process. But you will not be able to change the Primary Email ID which is used for logging in.

Will I be able to edit the Data entered by me, whenever necessary?
Yes. You can modify all Data provided by you at your convenience, anytime you require.

Will my complete profile be visible to all?
No. Your Company Name and other Basic Information can be viewed by all. But your Contact Details will be made available to Job Seekers only when you select a Candidate. This is to minimize the chance of prospective Job Seekers from calling your Contacts about Job requirements.

How to Post a Job?
Jobs can be posted only after the login as Employer is complete. To Post a Job you can click on Post a Job Menu under My Jobs.

What Information are required to Post a Job?
Every Job that you post should have a Project Name for your Internal Reference. In addition to this you need to have the Designation, Specialization Required, Skill Sets required, Description of the Job that needs to done, Place of Work, Project Start Date, Project End Date, Time Schedule, Offer Details and Cut-off Date.

Can we modify the Job requirements?
You can modify the Job Requirements anytime you want through the Manage Jobs menu under the My Jobs in the Dashboard.

I did not get the required Candidate before the Deadline. Can I change the Deadline?
Yes. You can do this through the Manage Jobs menu under the My Jobs in the Dashboard.

Where should I put my charges for the Job Offered? Is it mandatory to put the Rate when the negotiation is going to take place offline?
It is optional. It is left to you whether you want to put an indicative Price or make it negotiable. These options are provided at the time of posting the Job.

How long will the Jobs be left Open?
The Job will be listed until the Cut-off Date or when you complete hiring and update it.  You can modify the Cut-off Date if you require more time to find the suitable Jobseeker.

Should I login to Search Job Seekers?
No. You do not have to Login to search for Jobs. Login is required to view the Details of the Job Seekers, to Shortlist them or Contact them.

Jobs Seekers can be viewed through various options available in the Home Page. Search Jobseekers allows you to filter the Candidates based on your criteria. Listed Jobseekers can be viewed in the I am an Employer segment in the Home Page. In this section you have options to filter Jobseekers based on Specialization, City, and Category. In addition to this, in the bottom half of the Home Page, Jobseekers from various Industries, having various skills, Qualifications and Profiles are grouped.

What is Popular Specialization in the Home Page?
Jobseekers are grouped based on their Specialization and listed here. The specialization mentioned by the Jobseeker decides the popularity of the Specialization. This grouping makes it easier for the Employer to choose the specialization of his choice and preference easily.

What is Browse all Specialization?
This is an option provided to the Employer to the view the Jobseeker listed under various Specialization. The most popular specializations are already displayed in the Home Page. If your preferred specialization is not listed in the Home Page, you may click on the Browse all Specialization link.

What are Popular Industries in the Home Page?
Jobs listed from Employers in various Industries are grouped in the Home Page. This segment is for the Jobseekers to look for Jobs.

What is Browse all Industries?
This is an option provided to the Jobseeker to view the jobs listed in various Industries.

Does Jobtara guarantee a Jobseeker for me?
Jobtara does not Guarantee the Employer in finding a suitable Jobseeker for their Job.  It creates a platform for Employer to post their Job requirements and find a suitable Jobseekers who can carry out their Jobs/Assignments which are short duration in nature. The job placement depends purely on Market demand and the Specialization/Skills required by the Employer and offered by the Jobseeker. Jobtara makes every effort to have people of various specializations and skills in their listing.

How can I shortlist Jobseekers?
You will be able to Shortlist Jobseekers only once login as Employer. There are various search options in the Home Page and in the Top Banner to Search Jobseekers. Once you identify a Jobseeker from the List of Jobseekers, you can shortlist the Jobseeker by clicking on the Shortlist Button.

Where can I view the Jobseekers that I shortlisted?
Once your login as Employer is complete, you will find a menu option called Jobseekers Shortlisted under Manage Jobseekers in the side menu of the Dashboard.  Here you can view all the Jobseekers that you have shortlisted for your Job.

Where can I find the Applications received from Jobseekers?
In addition to the Employer searching the Jobseekers, the Jobseekers can also view the Jobs posted by an Employer and apply for the same. All such applications received can be viewed by clicking on the Applications Received under the Manage Jobseekers in the side menu of your Dashboard.

Where can I view the Jobseekers I have contacted?
All the Jobseekers you have applied can be found in the menu option called Jobseekers Contacted under the Manage Jobseekers in the side menu of your Dashboard.

Should I have to pay Jobtara anything when I hire a Jobseeker for my Job?
No. You do not have to pay any charges or fees to Jobtara for hiring any Jobseeker for your Jobs.

How is a JobSeeker finalized?
When an Employer shortlists or selects a Candidate, he will have access to the Contact Details of the Jobseeker. The Employer will then contact the Jobseeker directly via email or telephone and discuss the details of the Job and the offer. When an employer selects a Jobseeker, the Jobseeker also receives an email with the contact details of the Employer. The Jobseeker may also get in touch with the Employer and initiate the Finalization process. All job offers will be finalized, offline, privately between the Employer and Jobseeker. Jobtara does not have any say or influence on the terms and offer.

Does Jobtara guarantee the Performance of the Jobseeker?
All job offers and its terms are finalized between the Employer and the Jobseeker, offline. Jobtara is not responsible for any of the party not honouring any of their commitments as per the terms agreed by both. Jobtara does not guarantee the payment from the Employer or guarantee that the work shall be completed by the Jobseeker.

What should I do after I hire a Jobseeker for a Job?
Once you hire a Jobseeker for a Job and finalize the terms, offline, you should login to Jobtara and update the status in the Jobseekers Accepted menu in the Dashboard.

What should I do after I the Jobseeker completes the Job.?
Once the Jobseeker completes your Job, you need to login to Jobtara and Rate the Jobseeker and enter your Review. This will help other Employers to know more about this Jobseeker. Similarly, the Jobseeker will also rate and review the Employer to help other Jobseekers.

Is there a way where I can see the total number of Jobs Posted, Applications Received and number of Jobseekers Contacted in numbers?
Yes, you can view the consolidated data of all these in the Dashboard.

What are Ratings and Reviews?
Ratings and Reviews is the segment where you can Rate the Jobseeker and enter your Review. This will help other Employers know more about this Jobseeker. Similarly, the Jobseeker will also rate and review the Employer to help other Jobseekers.

What are Overall Ratings Received?
Ratings are given by Jobseekers to the Employers once the Jobseeker completes a Job. The overall ratings received is the consolidated ratings based on the number of Jobseekers who rated, and the ratings provided by them to the Employer.

What are Overall Ratings Given?
The overall ratings given is the consolidated ratings given by you to the Jobseeker who completed your Job.

Where can I change my password?
You can change your password by clicking on the Change Password menu option on the Dashboard.