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17th Oct 2020

The COVID pandemic has made one thing abundantly clear. No job is safe, and no one can rest in the comfort of their laurels or achievements. From billionaires to ordinary individuals, everyone has been hot economically, and the profound impact has been felt only at the lowest levels.

Specific industries like airlines, food and beverage, and hospitality have been particularly hit. Even in others, layoffs and needs to downsize to maintain profitability have placed a burden on the common man. While the adverse philosophy of ‘maximizing shareholder value’ is taking its ugliest turn, it is a fact that the pandemic has deepened inequality.

Presuming that the readers of this article are not billionaires or millionaires, the only way to keep ourselves safe is to ensure that we have a side gig. This side gig will not only help our creative side find an outlet but will also give us the necessary room for financial manoeuvres. Even if the main job is taking a hit or a salary reduction, we have a side gig to support and continue on our current lifestyle.

          Go in for micro jobs

There are plenty of micro sourcing job sites available and a plethora of job opportunities in them. Whatever be your skillset, you will find a job that matches your expectations. The best part about these microsourcing jobs is that they are short and are a flexible job. This will mean that you can go on to work at your convenience.


Knowledge is power. Have you ever looked back and thought of how you struggled in certain areas despite the technology and resources available? Have you considered how you could actually help youngsters and school kids with a bit of your expertise and skills? Even in recent surveys, students have indicated that they would prefer a classroom session to online learning. Considering the above, tutoring is a good avenue to make money.


Have you spent considerable time in your domain, and do you have the ability to take on challenges? Then a consultant role is a key side gig for you. It will also give you the satisfaction of having worked and helped others by sharing your knowledge.

The above are just some of the online avenues available. If you are looking for something ready, other options include jobs like delivery agents, task organizers, and executives for loan sales.

Job Tara ( is a leading web-based micro sourcing job site. The website aims to connect employers with the right resource. It thus brings inclusiveness to the community by opening the available opportunities to a greater spectrum including students, homemakers, and retired personnel for them to contribute and earn with their skills.

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